Amsterdam University Press publishes 'Managing Authentic Relationships'

We are proud to announce the publication of the book ‘Managing Authentic Relationship; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context’ by Amsterdam University Press in March this year.
This new book about networking, relationships and relationship management focuses on building and managing a strong network and reciprocal relationships for the entire organisation by implementing a professional relationship management approach at strategic, tactical and operational level.
The book also offers a holistic view. Managing authentic relationships requires a shared understanding of what relationships are. It is impossible to develop succesful relationship management without authentic relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

Future networks: High-trust Value Networks. 

A common mistake is that organizations do not start expanding their network until they find themselves in a crisis. That is too late! People will be suspicious about your intentions. By that time, the network should already be in place and have a solid basis of reciprocity and trust.
“As personal relationships become more important in our accelerating and digitizing world, it is a huge benefit to finally have a book that defines relationship management as a true and required profession in any organization.” Janine Dijkmeijer, CEO of the Nederlands Dans Theater. 
‘Managing Authentic Relationship’ has been written by Jean Paul Wijers, Monica Bakker, Robert Collignon and Gerty Smit. Prof. René Foqué wrote an introduction and Franck Erkens the foreword. Other contributors are Marike Dragt, Boukje de Haan, Paul Mosterd, Paul Spies and Tom Verbelen. For the book we interviewed Janine Dijkmeijer, Marielle Konings, Alexandra Messervy and Rutger van Nouhuijs.
“This book on strategic relationship management is mandatory literature for all who want to constructively build a world based on sustainable mutual benefits, where commerce blossoms and peace prevails.” Dick Berlijn, former Commander in Chief of the Dutch Armed Forces.