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3-7 June in Brussels: postgraduate training programme Strategic Relationship Management

Thank you Wytze VanderGaast for making this video about our postgraduate training programme ‘Strategic Relationship Management‘. In the video our founder and director Jean Paul Wijers talks about how our postgraduate teaches participants to professionalise the relationship management of an organisation. From 3-7 June in Brussels (in English) and starting at 18 September in Amsterdam (in Dutch)Our new book ‘Managing Authentic Relationships‘ is the theoretical basis of our postgraduate. The book is written by the trainers of the postgraduate: the Sinologist Monica Bakker, the change manager Gerty Smit, strategy developper Robert Collignon and Jean Paul Wijers.
The aim of the ‘Strategic Relationship Management’ programme (postgraduate) is to enable the participants to make it possible for the network of an organisation to both structurally and measurably contribute to achieving the organisation’s targets. The basis of this is the structuring of the entire relationship management; one polic…

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